Artist: 2 Players
Title: Signet (Remixes Part Two)
Label: Lost Language
By: Simon Jones | 19 February 2003
  • A: Smith & Pledger Mix
  • B: G & M Project Mix

2 Players "Signet (Remixes Part Two)"

Out Now on Lost Language

Following on from the more underground mixes, Lost Language deliver a disc for the full on trance lover, with the currently hot Smith and Pledger getting a chance to rework 'Signet'. The other mix on the package is 2 Player's own G & M project mix which holds it's own against the new mix. Read on..

Starting off this second disc of mixes, we have 'Smith and Pledger'. They strip things back and slide a fast paced b-line in underneath, working a series of piano riffs over the track as the melody faintly slides from one side to the other before taking prominence, sending the track rushing forward, a sense of depth being evoked by the melody. However as the track builds to it's climax, the euphoria is present and this one will get the floor moving or your money back.

The final mix comes from 2 Players themselves under their 'G & M Project' guise. This is basically a no-nosense club monster, heading for a break very early in the track before unleashing the rushing synth percussion and melody combination into one slipstream trance monster that has already done the business for the likes of Armin Van Buuren.

The more commercial edged mixes of the package, this is the disc likely to appeal more to the Crasher kids, and as such will probably do quite well in sales. However personally, I'd opt for the other disc with the superb Leama and Moor mix.

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