Artist: Mr G
Title: Makes No Sense
Label: Rekids
By: Darren Rhys | 1 April 2009
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Radio Slave 'Shaking The Tree' Mix

Mr G "Makes No Sense"

Out Now on Rekids

Rekids has forged an exciting reputation since its birth in 2006. Spanning several genres including deep house, tech, electro and chill out, the quality of its releases has been unquestionable. Having dipped his toe into the Rekids record pool in its first year, Mr G returns in 2009 with 'Makes No Sense' with Radio Slave making an appearance on the flipside.

The original is funky techno with attitude. A relentless saw-synth dominates the soundscape, sitting abreast a sequence of rolling, techy beats. An occasional west-indian vocal meandering adds yet more flair to a quirky instrumental, further augmented by a little musicality towards the close of the piece.

On the flip, Radio Slave takes the bull by the horns with a stomping tribal monster, bearing only subtle resemblance to the original. A pumping kick drum is supported by a tribal loop which stays with us throughout its duration while randomly allocated atmospherics and references to the original vocal musing are thrust upon us. Following several careful examinations, I couldn't help but feel slightly underwhelmed, perhaps owing to Radio Slave's terrific reputation and discography. The mix doesn't really develop into anything memorable and sounds a little dated with a series of monotonous tribal loops.

As with any Rekids release, this will prove popular and will doubtless finds its way into many a record box. However, it isn't for me and my instinct is only to comment that it's a step back rather than a step forward for a label for which I have a great deal of respect and interest.

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