Artist: Mike Monday
Title: Zwivetty EP
Label: Simple Records
By: Darren Rhys | 1 April 2009
  • A1: Zwivetty
  • A2: Zwubetty
  • B1: Mr Gone

Mike Monday "Zwivetty EP"

Out Now on Simple Records

Following Ian Pooley's brilliant EP on Simple Records is the task assigned to Mike Monday, a highly established artist in his own right. Having followed his career since its beginnings over fifteen years ago, I'm happy to testify that this man knows how to make music.

The 'Zwivetty EP' is loaded with top notch house, kicking off with the title track. Littered with old skool stabs, strings and fresh percussion, the track is a welcome relief from the onslaught of limp and soulless minimal productions we are subjected to in electronic music's modern era. Make no mistake, this is an infectious, creative record which determinedly resists disappearing up its own backside, much like the labels aforementioned release.

'Zwubetty' is the second of the trio of singles. Once again, Monday administers lashings of funk and solid house rhythms. The percussive elements pick up markedly as things progress while some great strings take things to another level. The track isn't as instant as 'Zwivetty' but is certainly a useful tool in keeping the dancefloor moving. Another thumbs up.

Finishing the package is the more sensibly named 'Mr Gone'. In keeping with the fact that its title is quite separate from the rest of the EP, the track is deeper and techier. There is an almost eerie start with reverb expertly applied to some of the percussive elements. The addition of some highly rhythmic synths and a stunning warm bass gives the track an irresistable groove, which keeps growing and growing. A jazzy interlude is a crazy yet wonderful development late on, once again highlighting the unique approach to electronic music Monday is graced with.

A master of maintaining his relevance within the house scene while not being frightened of having fun with his productions, the release is the epitomy of Mike Monday as a production artist and a terrific follow up to a great label.

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