Artist: Nosmo Vs Kris B
Title: One For The Road (DFuse & Hiratzka Remixes)
Label: Lost Angeles Recordings
By: Jason Calvert | 4 May 2009
  • 1. DFuse & Hiratzka Vocal Mix
  • 2. DFuse & Hiratzka Dub Mix

Nosmo Vs Kris B "One For The Road (DFuse & Hiratzka Remixes)"

Out Now on Lost Angeles Recordings

I couldn't help but cringe slightly when I saw that the euphoric "One For The Road" was being exhumed yet again. However, D:Fuse and Mike Hiratzka are both strong producers with a positive track record, so at the same time I saw a glimmer of potential hope in this release. For those who are a bit confused at this point, "One For The Road" was an absolutely massive release from Nosmo and Kris B under their Grayarea guise back in 2002. It saw a strong remix from the boys themselves, as well as a truly solid reworking from Gabriel & Dresden. However in 2008 the track saw a re-release with a host of new mixes from the likes of Tiger Stripes and Fiord. The re-release ultimately failed to capture the true essence of the original, and was not even comparable to the original release.

Mike Hiratzka has a modestly sized discography but it features some true gems, with "Venice Dawn" and "Two Worlds" being notable favourites. Similarly D:Fuse has a number of strong titles to his name, such as "Other Side" and "Everything With You".

Their remix kicks in with a strong 4/4 approach, with the vocal hook from the original floating through the upper ranges of the track. However the focus of the composition is shifted very heavily toward a fat main hook bass section which has been introduced. The graceful pads of the original drift into the composition from behind, but sadly fail to penetrate past the obstructive bassline section which has been introduced. It gives the remix a slightly cheesy feel which does not at all fit in with the vibe or direction the track intends to go in. During the breakdown some nice energy is built up when the bassline goes quiet for a bit, but it is only false security, as it kicks in again before you know it.

A dub version is also on the release, which brings out more of the melodic elements, however is still dominated by the bass section. Ultimately, the majority of people who loved the original will not find much in this release, and overall as a stand alone track it does not carry itself too convincingly either. Labels need to be taking more caution when assessing remixes of what was an absolutely stellar tune. Unless you are truly curious as to how this one turned out, I would suggest you go back and relive the original two mixes or the Gabriel & Dresden version.

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