Artist: Alexey Sonar
Title: Twisted Monkey
Label: Particles
By: Lucy Blair | 26 March 2012
  • 1. Return of the Apes Mix
  • 2. Nigel Good Remix

Alexey Sonar "Twisted Monkey"

Out Now on Particles

Given his long & distinguished career in progressive house as a DJ, promoter, radio host & now label manager (of Intricate Records), it's almost astonishing to remember that it was only just over a year ago when Alexey Sonar began to wow us with his own original productions, as 'Twisted Monkey' was unveiled as part of Jay Epoch's Winter Particles 2011.

Revisited and reworked for 2012, Alexey's own 'Planet Of The Apes' mix of 'Twisted Monkey' is, in my opinion, even better than the original. Maintaining that distinctive dark and driving techy energy, this uplifting update is immediately more melodic, a commanding contrast of light and dark distilled into polished progressive house. Demanding your attention right away with its fiercely dark bassline and those determinedly driving drum kicks, the focus segues smoothly into a tingling topline melody, epically uplifting chord progressions, punchy percussive elements and a superbly summery, luscious lead which will simply blow you away.

Up and coming Canadian producer Nigel Good then delivers a stellar remix that demonstrates in superlative style why he's deservedly enjoying a meteoric musical rise right now. Starting out as he means to go on, the deliciously deep bassline is both hypnotic and welcomingly warm and accompanied by superbly crafted, spaced out, sunkissed melodies which infuse you with boundless bliss and pure summer vibes. Meanwhile, the staccato glitchy beeps and breaks and sparse vocal stabs add ethereal extra touches which reveal Nigel's long years of musical training and production. This remix has an effortless feel-good factor and is the perfect example of Nigel's incredible, inimitable style - of which I can't wait to hear a whole lot more!

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