Artist: D-Nox & Beckers
Title: Jet Lag Slave Remixes
Label: Baroque Records
By: Brian Cody | 5 April 2012

    D-Nox & Beckers "Jet Lag Slave Remixes"

    Out Now on Baroque Records

    Baroque records , the mainstay of progressive house for over a decade see’s an all star cast put in place as they revisit the 2005 release of D-Nox and Beckers -“Jet lag slaves” . Unless you’ve been stranded in the Antarctic for the last few years you’ll have heard of this duo , comprising of Christian Wedekind and Frank Beckers .

    The original mix still sounds fresh with clean and crisp beats with spattering’s of spacey fx , drops and subby reverse sounds to set the pace . The duo introduce a few tweaks before the track is at full steam adding a catchy synth hook taking us to a nasty build that re-energises the whole groove .It’s a tasty number from D-Nox and Beckers and will work perfectly to raise the temperature on an already sweaty dance floor.

    Koen Groeneveld is first up with his take on the original. It’s his trademark sound of jackin’, techy percussion and tight sounds which makes for a solid filler track in a set but with everything in it’s right place and using the originals synth hook to do the work it’s not the best remix I’ve heard from Groeneveld who has in the past impressed us all .

    The K-Pax remix is more of a chunkier affair and plays with the originals synth hook to create some lifts and drops , cutting it up with percussive roll’s along the way and introducing some new chopped up stabs which briefly takes us off message to shake it up a bit.

    It’s a full on, driving progressive remix from Rikardo who keeps it 4 to the floor , heads down all the way and if you need warp speed on the dance floor this will be the one for you to drop.

    Saving the best till last is Descent with what can only be described as a wolf in sheep’s clothing . He takes the originals parts and superbly creates a memorable remix almost in three sections - dark rolling prog into blissful pads and dark breakdown before rewardingly exploding with a powerful electro-esque groove , and I use the term electro sparingly . This is exciting music that’s guaranteed a reaction every time it’s played and may become one of those tracks you have close at hand when playing a set .

    Overall it’s a strong release with something for everyone but I did expect a little bit more however the real surprise has been Descent who certainly lead the charge in this Baroque instalment.

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