Artist: Ioan Gamboa
Title: Karla
Label: Replug Records
By: Julien Roby | 31 May 2012
  • Karla (Original Mix)
  • Karla (Soulwerk Remix)
  • Karla (Igor Cold Remix)

Ioan Gamboa "Karla"

Out Now on Replug Records

After debuting on Hernan Cattaneo "Sudbeat" a few months back, Spanish rising start Ioan Gamboa strikes back on Cid Inc Replug label with a brand new single named "Karla" for the label 24th release.

The original mix kicks of with one of this signature heavy burnt bassline that is going to drive you mad. You don't have to wait for too long before the main theme kicks in, soon followed by some form of ethereal strings & an impeccable percs & drum pattern. The breakdown of the track is built to send you straight into space in those late night mixes. Spacy & melodic: that's what would define this mix best. Excellent work from the spanish producer here.

It's another Spanish producer who provides the first remix on the release, Gonzalo Luque aka Soulwerk. Soulwerk takes the track into an even darker drive, stripping out most of the melodic parts & putting the percs & bassline on the forefront of the track. Reminds of some form of modern take on the darker Breeder sound somehow. The main melodic theme is only brought back for the short breakdown before the huge beats are back. Heavy.

Igor Cold provides the 3rd remix on this great package & this time it's a slow sensual groover that we're given. Igor remix relentlessly builds up with an instopabble groove & cool re interpration of the melodic themes from the original.

All in all, this package shines through its variety. A great original track coming with two respectful remixes that are taking things into different territories but always with class.

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