Artist: Damabiah
Title: Le Sang et La Seve Remixed Vol.1
Label: Natura Sonoris
By: Julien Roby | 24 March 2012

    Damabiah "Le Sang et La Seve Remixed Vol.1"

    Out Now on Natura Sonoris

    Natura Sonoris might quite be the very definition of modern progressive.
    Since its launch in 2008, Henry Saiz label has constantly delivered quality music. It's a label that is difficult to pigeon hole in a genre, as each of its releases perfectly blends many styles of electronic musics - without being limited by trends.

    Forward thinking music in all its glory. The very definition of Progressive.
    Their new release, coming March 12th, follows the same path.

    The artist name on the cover art, Damabiah, will most likely be familiar to most of you, since he had his album "Le Sang & La Sève" out on Henry Saiz label last year. If you didn't check it out yet, we strongly recommend you to do so immediately. It's an album that put successfuly together moody melodic lines & techno grooves.
    But let's get back to to the new release we're talking about today.
    It's featuring brand new remixes for two of Damabiah album tracks. It's actually a taste of what is to come soon on Natura Sonoris, as they will be releasing a full Remix album of "Le Sang & La Sève" later this year.

    First up for this Remixes sampler: Marc Marzenit. Marc is probably one of the current top producer in what some call "Progressive Techno" & you probably heard one of his remix lately, as he remixed Guy J on Hernan Cattaneo' SudBeat.
    He's remixing "Au Paradis" here and the track is quite heavenly indeed.
    Starting on eerie sounds, it doesnt take long before his remix unleashes its subtle techno grooves & builds up toward melodic territories. But melodic in the good sense. Don't expect some cheesy synth lines here. We're talking about moody & soulful melodies, as heard on the original track, that don't outrageously take the lead but work hand in hand with the groove. A monster of a track that is going to hypnotize you slowly & will send you into space on its last reprise. End of night / hands up moment.

    Second remix on the sampler comes from Anjuna rising star Andrew Bayer.
    Here he's taking on the hard task of remixing my favorite track from Damabiah album: "Irminsul le Pilier du Monde". The original was driven by a strong melodic line & Andrew takes an interesting approach here: he dubs the original out of his main melodic line as a starter, providing a strong techno-ish lead instead & a few heavy synth stabs. Before you realize it, you're jumping around, head bobbing to the beat. Think "Nomad In the Dark" sound. Building up & up, reaching the 3/4 of the track length, the remix finally delivers the original track melodic theme, like a salvation. And as you're just smiling to it, it moves away back to its techno dubby grooves. A perfect teasing, a perfect climax & a perfect ending.

    Natura Sonoris rarely disappoints & once again delivers the goods here. A release definitively worth buying & we're looking forward to the full Remix Album release that we are sure is going to feature more gems.

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