Artist: Aftercast
Title: Solar Guerrilla
Label: Intrinsic Records
By: Simon Jones | 8 October 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Dub Mix

Aftercast "Solar Guerrilla"

Out Now on Intrinsic Records

The latest release on Brighton based Intrinsic Records is the first single from Aftercast. A collaboration between Tocharian's Matt Slater and Anthony Coombs, 'Solar Guerrilla' has already been a feature in many of Danny Howells' sets, with John Digweed also showing support for the track. The first of several singles from this newly formed outfit, just exactly what do they deliver?

The answer is revealed upon dropping the needle onto the a-side and letting the 'Original Mix' play. Edging in with some laid back 4/4 beats, the subtle chords and elements underneath soon form an atmospheric mood that takes the direction of the track way deeper. As the beats pick up in momentum, a haunting melody begins to shape itself as the track launches into a big synth led central section with some strings etching their way into the groove as the breakdown unfolds. An uplifting progressive track that is not ashamed in being so, and one that will work wonders each time you drop it into a set.

The b-side 'Dub Mix' is a more laid back version of the track, subtle drum programming and sliding atmospheric wave effects adding a mellow edge to the groove. The melody is very much the main focus, at times being the only thing that is moving and the warm feeling emitted by this mix makes it a perfect candidate for inclusion in a warm up or after hours set.

A well produced and versatile single from Aftercast, continuing a strong run of recent releases for Intrinsic.

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