Artist: Akuko
Title: Jingo
Label: RIP Records
By: Simon Jones | 7 August 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Soul Mekanik Version

Akuko "Jingo"

Out Now on RIP Records

The latest release on Stoke On Trent's RIP Records comes from Akuko, bringing a lost classic from the land before time (or before 1988 in club culture terms), back when disco, funk and Latin grooves were all the rage, people wore bell bottoms and thought big hair was cool. In fact Akuko himself had an afro that Don King and Shaft would be envious of. Anyhow, 'Jingo' has been dusted off and updated, so go looking in your fancy dress gear and dig out that old afro, because it's time to get down once again...

As the tribal march leads us into the heart of the 'Original Mix', disco grooves keep the tempo jumpin as electro style riffs slink back and forth, letting the funk fuelled Jingo chant shimmer to the surface, complimenting the groove and hitting home like a snake charmer's flute song. Dropping out to just the chant, the outro is a floor stomping dance around the camp fire, handbags are optional.

Leave it to 'Soul Mekanik' to update such an old track, and they drag it across the timeline into post '88 with style and grace. Tight hooks, swirling chords, and deep, intertwining drum percussion all come together to create a fun ass shakin acid groove, incorporating all of their typical production trademarks and a large dose of dancefloor magic, and we have another winner from two of house's finest once again.

Stepping away from the norm of the moment, RIP are keeping the underground vibe alive, whilst creating enough appeal to keep things in the here and now. Support from playas such as Lottie, Seb Fontaine and Tong cant be wrong after all.

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