Artist: Amalgam
Title: Insatiable Minds
Label: Intrinsic Records
By: Simon Jones | 6 December 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: ElectroTechDub Mix

Amalgam "Insatiable Minds"

Out Now on Intrinsic Records

Following on from their previous collaboration on the track 'Focus On You', Tocharian's Matt Slater and Intrinsic label boss Christian Lewis now officially team up for this, their first project as Amalgam. 'Insatiable Minds' is the latest release on the label, and once again has received some top support from the usual suspects. In fact it's almost as if this label's output is specially written for two fans called Sasha and Digweed, but whilst that might be true, each single has gone on to do great on it's own individual merit.

The 'Original Mix' blends together some drifting drum percussion with some a mesh of strings and analogue effects, with an odd spoken monologue bubbling through to the surface as the groove bounces along. Dropping out to some soft beats as the track builds towards it's emotive breakdown, the vocal tells a story that will have you captivated as you try to make sense of what is said, but it by no means detracts from the track, but merely distracts you before the breakdown catches you unaware, before dropping into a solid heads down finale which will have the floor rocking. The mind isn't the only insatiable thing that will be fed by this hypnotic dancefloor groove.

Moving away from the emotive and epic sounds of the original, the 'ElectroTechDub Mix' utilises a trippy beat pattern, complimented by some spacial techy effects that loop over and over in the background. Acidic stabs pepper the groove, with some filter effects adding depth to the breakdown, with a singular sound piercing it's way through the bass to the top to carry this minimal yet effective remix to it's final destination.

Another big progressive moment from Intrinsic, and whilst not quite as mind blowing as previous singles such as 'Focus On You' or 'Solar Guerilla', does what it sets out to do in grand fashion, ending a great year for the label and setting them up nicely for the one ahead.

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