Artist: Amalgam
Title: Sum Of Your Fears
Label: Intrinsic Records
By: Simon Jones | 31 March 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Tech Edit

Amalgam "Sum Of Your Fears"

Out Now on Intrinsic Records

As Intrinsic continue to step up their release schedule, another new single from the Amalgam boys Matt Slater and label owner Christian Lewis arrives. 'Sum Of Your Fears' picks up right where 'Insatiable Minds' left off, and has all the markings of another successful release for the label.

Big tribal style drums rise into prominence as the first section of the 'Original Mix' comes together, but soon the groove drops down slightly and we are treated to a cool progressive-edged builder. Minimal sub bass backing and hypnotic rhythms create a nice void within which layers of melody and trippy synth lines are blended together in a mesmerizing yet energetic style, bringing a main room flavour to the track. Watch out for the huge vocal led break as some rather massive keys go to work, lifting the final section to the next level for breathtaking climax that will leave more than a few jaws resting on the floor.

Amalgam's 'Tech Edit' takes us on a more restrained journey, with the focus being placed on layered drum arrangements and a bassline that slides across the groove, a rippling effect adding a unique sound to the rest of the elements contained within. Gradually the beats drop out to reveal a heavy bassline that guides you through the rest of the the journey, with a vocal refrain and big chords twisting the intensity level up during the final few minutes of the mix.

Another big release from the Intrinsic label, with both tracks heavy hitters in their own right that will do the business for any disconcerting DJ out there. If you love your big and twisted progressive records with plenty of atmosphere and melody, then look no further than this.

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