Artist: Andrew K & Simuck
Title: Clouds Go By
Label: Pure Substance Records
By: Chloe Harris | 22 April 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Flash Brothers Mix

Andrew K & Simuck "Clouds Go By"

Out Now on Pure Substance Records

From a love of music to collecting records, Andrew K knew he had to be involved in music. Hailing from Thesseloniki, Greece and an active member of their DJ circuit, he's now fallen into production, recording alone, and with partner Simon Oats from the UK, they team up as Junk Science, but he he works with Simuck, who is from Siauliai, Lithuania and joins Andrew in production for 'Clouds Go By'. Simuck is a student studying Information Technologies, who has recently caught the production bug. His latest talents can be found in the hands of Desyn Masiello with a tune called 'Breathe In'.

'Clouds Go By' is a smooth uplifting progressive house tune. Nice thumping drums and a bouncy bubbly bassline start the song off, while watery pad stabs layer in and create a solid groove. Twinkly sounds click perfectly in the background with a percussive build. Dropping into the first break, a huge sweepy pad is introduced and takes over the song. This main riff moves up and down a nice smooth scale of tone, along with a little change up to the wiggly ending of the synth, we travel along in a dreamy bliss of sound. This is a wonderful warm up tune.

The 'Flash Brothers' take the track deep, creating a thick tribal monster. Drums start up building with toms, claps, chatter sounds, and high hats. Gritty bubbly sounds ride underneath the drums, building into thumping groove. Pad sweeps wash overhead, dropping the drums off for a moment, then kick back in. Another drop and we fall into an eerie silence that introduces a gorgeous symphony of sound, and the clicky twinkly sounds. The drums build slowly with the main pad riff, and then drop once more into the heavy tribal drums and gritty bubbly sounds.

'Clouds Go By' starts off Pure Substance on a good footing. The label looks promising with some great talent in store, such as Blue Haze, Ozgur Can, Rouzbeh Delavari, and Fitalic as well as many other brilliant artists. Up next Pure Substance releases Tony Estrada 'Black Derby' with a Thomas Penton remix.

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