Artist: Atlas
Title: Compass Error (2003 Remixes)
Label: Plastica Red
By: Simon Jones | 23 July 2003
  • A: Hisham GPS Breaks Mix
  • B: Tarrentella: Redanka Dubbed Version

Atlas "Compass Error (2003 Remixes)"

Out Now on Plastica Red

Atlas's classic from a decade ago was re-released last year to great response, thanks to new mixes from Fluke and Tarrentella: Redanka. 'Compass Error' was introduced to a whole new generation of music lovers, and it's thanks to the response to that initial re-release and the featuring of an unreleased remix on Nick Warren's Global Underground Reykjavik that this new disc of mixes arrives. The final word so to speak..

First up is a newcomer from New York named Hisham Samawi. His 'GPS Breaks Mix' is a masterful blend of deep tribal drums and intricate percussion, echoes rippling through the speakers as each beat pattern ends. Synth layers slide in and out of the rising beats as the emotive vocal is slowly introduced via a series of loops. As the beats stop and the ethnic chant begins, eerie ambience adds to the dark mood being crafted, before the beats reintroduce themselves, building to a tougher outro, where linear melodies run by side with the the beats, contrasting the dark beats in a very Northern Exposure-esque emotive style. A producer to watch carefully in the coming months if this remix is anything to judge him by.

Meanwhile, the unreleased 'Tarrentella: Redanka Dubbed Version' accompanies over on the b-side. A favourite of Nick Warren, this reggae influenced downtempo interpretation is simple but effective in it's approach, dubby beats drifting back and forth under the spacious groove in which the vocal floats. Use of loops create a series of small drops over and under which, the emotive melody shimmers, adding a blissful finale to a smooth and effective downtempo remix which is just perfect for a warm up, afterhours, or even home listening.

A nice set of mixes which compliment each other well. The dubbed mix has great potential and doubles up as a cunning dj tool, and the Hisham breaks mix adds an extra dimension of appeal to an already great track. Be sure to check these out.

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