Artist: Audionova & Electrobios
Title: Pacific EP
Label: Extrema Records
By: Carleton Neil | 13 November 2007
  • A: Pacific
  • B: Atlantic

Audionova & Electrobios "Pacific EP"

Out Now on Extrema Records

Do you have to look halfway across the world to find someone with similar musical tastes as you? Not necessarily, but the shoe fits for two up-and-coming duos. Dushan Momchilovic and Nemanja Ranchic of Audionova and Paulo Malde and Máximo Cagliero as Electrobios have been getting attention from all over the electronic music spectrum with their combination of styles, getting the nod from Desyn Masiello, Jody Wisternoff, Eric Prydz and Sander Kleinenberg, to name only a few. Here, the duos team up across continents, and hemispheres collide as east meets west for the release of 'Pacific & Atlantic'.

Hidden within the programming of 'Pacific' are all the celebrations of a feel-good trance track, but that's no dig against it. The track ebbs and flows like a surging ocean, and the funky electro-tinged bass approaches like the incoming tide lapping at your toes before the under toe sucks you in. Like a cresting wave the high end crashes over you; complex sequencing and accompanying acid lines churn the track as it takes small gulps of air when it surfaces in the middle of each bar.

'Atlantic' is a little more subdued, more melody-driven compared to its alternate, which constantly hits hard through the track. Sleek laid-back beats ride through Miami heat against a hunky-dory bass line, and heavy swirling pads mimic eddies while soft strings sway underneath the track like orchestral seaweed. The track makes a trip up the East Coast, channeling Twilo-esque stabs and synths to a party barge in some New York harbor.

A primordial stew of all things house, electro, trance, and tech, 'Pacific & Atlantic' sits pretty on a dancefloor or in any pair of headphones. With styles converging all the time, are they trailing on the last wave, or riding the next one? That is left up to the listener, but the community here is not called Regressive-Sounds. The real question is: how did they finish the tracks when their collaborators on the other side of the globe were always asleep?

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