Artist: BT
Title: Somnambulist
Label: Nettwerk Productions
By: Chad Harnish | 20 June 2003
  • Original Edit
  • Sander Kleinenberg Convertible Mix
  • Burufunk Remix
  • Junkie XL Vocal Mix

BT "Somnambulist"BT "Somnambulist"

Out Now on Nettwerk Productions

If BT’s history is any sort of guide, his latest solo effort Emotional Technology – soon to be released by Nettwork Records – should be amazing. His last long player, MISL, blended bits of old and new style to create a beautiful composition from start to finish.

“Somnambulist” is the first single from Emotional Technology. It comes complete with three heavy hitting remixes: Sander Kleinenberg, Junkie XL and newcomer Burufunk each deliver their own renditions of “Somnambulist” in anticipation of the upcoming release.

But let’s start with the original. As he’s done in the past, BT lends his voice to this track and – like those tracks – it works. Sung over a sick layer of breaks, Brian sings the refrain “simply being loved is more than enough.” Maybe this is a reflection toward his returning fans that jumped ship after the NSYNC foray. Maybe it’s an anthem of self-worth. Maybe it is just a love song. Whatever it is, it’s catchy as hell. Of course, the vocals are tangled up with vocoders, time stretching and assorted effects. They are kept in the limelight more than necessary because the underlying sounds are very impressive. This song is an obvious extension to his prior atmospheric-styled breaks.

Junkie XL has gone ballistic lately with tracks featured on the new Matrix flick and its animated stepchild Animatrix. Layered on 4x4 beats, gritty bass lines spank the speakers. Junkie uses a choice selection of looped lyrics and snippets to create melodic backgrounds to his outrageous bass line and bright melodic elements. The result is chilling.

Sander Kleinenberg offers a mysterious housey flavor to “Somnambulist” as the “other” 4x4 remix. Starting from the needle drop, Sander delivers reversed dopplar sounds over a steady beat. He gradually adds elements to build an over-the-top mood. He refrains from using Brian’s vocals until he is a bit into the track and when he does it brings a new spirit along with it. Sander's production is sparkling and crystiline driven by his signature bass lines and ultra-unique sounds. It is a track that must be taken advantage of.

Burufunk, who have recently worked for Navigation Records delivering the storming “Outsider” approaches “Somnambulist” with an attitude. The breaks are brutal and energetic. Hybrid & BT easily comes to mind, but I doubt anyone would knock the comparison. Their music is obviously influenced by them and its surely is a compliment. This remix has the lightest use of the vocals as they are for the majority only thrown in as full sentence during the build up and break down. Otherwise, they mostly appear in chopped loops. This should do better for those that tire of vocals easily. Setting the vocals aside, the bass line and percussion elements are driven with an intense feriousity.

If this single says anything about Emotional Technlogy, then we are in for a collection of songs that are peppered with originality and flavor. Keep an eye on Nettwerk as they have a great line up heading your way.

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