Artist: Ben Lost
Title: Lost Language: Exhibition II
Label: Lost Language
By: Simon Jones | 7 September 2004
  1. Recluse - Isle Dauphine (Probspot Mix)
  2. Miro - By Your Side (Sonorous Bright Side Mix)
  3. Espen & Elusive - Poetic Penetration
  4. Critical7 - Lost
  5. Tilt - The World Doesn't Know
  6. Probspot - Midnight
  7. Ozgur Can - On A White Day
  8. Little Wonder - Eclipse (Leama & Moor Mix)
  9. Sonorous - Second Sun (Leama & Moor Mix)
  10. 8 Wonders - 8th Wonder
  11. Empire State - Adironda

Ben Lost "Lost Language: Exhibition II"Ben Lost "Lost Language: Exhibition II"

Out Now on Lost Language

Several months ago we were graced with the first Exhibition compilation from Lost Language, introducing us to the DJ skills of one Ben Lost. The front man of Lost Language, an a+r, and vocalist for Solar Stone and Ashtrax (whom he's been involved with during the creation of their upcoming album), Ben has really been coming into his own as of late, securing a residency at Scott Bond's 'Ahead' night in Sheffield, in addition to having his own radio show 'The Runa Sessions' on Ministry Of Sound Radio with James Cosgrove. With this growing profile and a travelogue that has seen him travel abroad for the first time to show what he is capable of, this compilation presents us with a snapshot of this DJ on the rise - his Exhibition - Part Two.

A double cd of some of the best Lost Language releases, past, present and future, with a few other tracks thrown in for good measure, this is not only a retrospective but a preview of what is to come. The first cd wastes no time in getting down to business, forging a driving template that is led by the Norwegians Recluse, who's 'Isle Dauphine' track gets the rerub from up and coming star Probspot who makes the first of several appearances on the cd with this superb introductory remix. Throw in an update of an old classic (Miro's 'By Your Side'), more European hopefuls on the rise as Espen & Elusive present us with the deep and emotive masterpiece that is 'Poetic Penetration', and appearances by the old guard Tilt with the massive 'The World Doesn't Know' creating a real turning point in the mix. Probspot returns with the bass heavy 'Midnight' and Leama & Moor grace us with two excellent remixes of tracks by Little Wonder and Sonorous, taking the energy level of this disc through the roof, ending with forthcoming releases from 8 Wonders and Empire State on an euphoric high.

The second disc tries to carve it's own template rather than continuing on from the previous disc, and whilst it's a fair attempt at showcasing the deeper side of the Lost Language sound, it fails to capture the momentum of the first disc, with only a few tracks standing out, most notably U&K's 'Switchback' and Ozgur Can's 'Irony', in addition to the Young Parisians track 'Jump The Next Train' which Ben Lost guest vocals on, and the Tilt track 'Goodbye' which is a throwback to their classics of yesteryear and could quite possibly one of the standout tracks on their soon to be released artist album. Overall though, the second disc is very disjointed and doesn't really flow all that well, and whilst the bonus ambient cd mixed by Jay Burnett is a nice addition, it's all been done before and with more class by Red Jerry with the Chilled Euphoria compilations.

In contrast to the first Exhibition cd, this in some ways lacks the creativity that it's predecessor had, but is a fair attempt at a compilation crippled only by it's track selection which isn't all that varied. The bonus ambient cd is a nice touch, but most of the tracks have been used before, a problem with many chilled mixes in the last few years. Nevertheless, it adds to the overall package, and if you have a few quid spare then you could do far worse, but when theres a ton of other worthwhile compilations out there, the choice of whether to pick this up ultimately falls to you.

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