Artist: Ben Shaw Feat Cat Von Trapp
Title: Purled
Label: Kubist Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 4 November 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Momu Mix

Ben Shaw Feat Cat Von Trapp "Purled"

Out Now on Kubist Recordings

With the previous single, Momu's 'Watership Down' further establishing Kubist's status as a label on the rise, label co-owner Ben Shaw follows up with a new solo production of his own. Known for his previous work on the now defunct Fire Recordings along with his other work as Sunscape and Ben has carved quite a nice niche for himself over the years. His latest project is a collaboration with Cat Von Trapp, who's previous work includes tracks for the acclaimed Return To The Source goa trance cd series, as well as soundtrack work for films like 'Entrapment'. Teaming with Ben has resulted in the track 'Purled', and it really is something rather different to other vocal tracks out there.

The key element to the 'Original Mix' is Cat's vocals. Rather than drop them into an instrumental track as an afterthought like many vocal tracks, the beats and effects are crafted around the vocal. Subtle atmospheric sweeps and mood changes compliment the enchanting vocal, and there's a nice groove underneath, but whilst things never get too over the top, sometimes the vocal just grates slightly on the ears. The wailing chant has been done previously in so many tracks and just wears a little thing now. Nevertheless, a well produced and emotive track from Mr Shaw, thought it's appeal may be somewhat limited.

However leave it to 'Momu' to add something and they always deliver. Devastating beat percussion leads us in to their own rework of the track, soon dropping into a bass heavy groove, with some drifting synths piercing through between each vocal refrain. Keeping the vocal to a sparse minimum, Momu's dirty beats and bass prove a winner once again, with this remix just perfect for creating a different tangent in a set, whilst keeping the floor moving.

A rather unique offering from Kubist, but one that does not quite push the envelope and as such falls a little short. Both mixes are well produced, but it is Momu who take home the winnings here with another of their tight bass heavy mixes, which deserves a listen.

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