Artist: Bluefish
Title: Been Too Long
Label: Electric Music People
By: Simon Jones | 16 September 2004
  • A: Original Vocal Mix
  • B: Kasey Taylor & Chris Meehan Mix
  • C: Sleepfreaks Dub Mix
  • D: David Sun Mix

Bluefish "Been Too Long"

Out Now on Electric Music People

Evolution made a name for themselves throughout the 90s, but it wasn't until 1999 until Barry Jamieson & Jon Sutton unveiled the Bluefish project. With the debut single 'One' and it's counterpart 'Two' both becoming classics within the progressive scene, it was yet another indication that these two guys always had their finger on the pulse, managing to keep up and indeed ahead of the rest of their peers over the last decade and beyond. Having focused on individual projects for a while, this new single 'Been Too Long', featuring the vocal talents of Anita Kelsey sees them reunite once more.

The 'Original Vocal Mix' is a stomping progressive house mix, in a similar vein to the duo's massive hit as Evolution, 'Walking On Fire'. Built around Anita Kelsey's stirring vocal, this is a wistful track that starts off heavy but really comes into its own as melodies and flute turn it into a deep and emotionally charged epic that will stand out in a big way, much like the aforementioned Evolution classic.

The first remix of the package comes from down under as 'Kasey Taylor & Chris Meehan' take the original and rework it in their own style. Having forged a reputation for creating solid big room tracks in the last few months, they do not disappoint here, dropping in a rolling groove over a smooth atmospheric backdrop and carefully layering in some big beats and pads over the main vocal to get a solid rhythm going. The bassline is subtly introduced but soon grows in prominence, and turns this deep grooving mix into a smooth but effective big room interpretation.

It's the 'Sleepfreaks Dub' on the second disc of the double pack that is the killer mix of the package however. Built around a big, infectious electronic bassline, it wastes no time in making it's direction clear. Heavy synth use and hard kick drums only serve to add to the gritty mood of the mix, with only a small snippet of the vocal used to devastating effect, leading into a quick change in pace halfway through, before building back up tougher and dirtier than before. An incredible mix with a big hook and heaps of punky electro attitude.

Last, and by no means least. 'David Sun' is on hand with a cool house mix. Led by a subtle sub bassline this mix fuses laid back lounge grooves with progressive style beats and hooks, and all in all is an impressive after hours style mix which not only holds it's own against the other mixes on offer, but brings something unique to the package overall, and is the perfect conclusion to this excellent release.

It has indeed 'Been Too Long', but the return of Bluefish has given us a tremendous single that is without a doubt the finest release to grace the Electric Music People imprint yet, and whilst we have to wait and see what else Jon Sutton & Barry Jamieson have to offer us, the unreleased mixes of 'Been Too Long' on 3Beat's digital download site should more than whet your appetite if you still want more.

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