Artist: Cardboard
Title: A Thought About You
Label: Cuba Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 14 October 2003
  • A1: U&K Lovelez Mix
  • A2: Thought-apella
  • B1: Original Mix

Cardboard "A Thought About You"

Out Now on Cuba Recordings

Cardboard is yet another alias of that man of many aliases Mick Burns. If you haven't heard a Blue Haze, Panoptic or Gazor track in the last few months, then you have obviously been living under a rock. Cardboard is his platform for more organic and experimental tracks, the first of which comes to Cuba. 'A Thought About You' is quite different to any of his other work, and precedes the forthcoming 'Corrective Tones' on Sander Kleinenberg's Little Mountain label. Of course the question is whether it can match his other work?

Finnish duo 'U&K' return hot on heels of their 'Ignite EP' for the a-side remix. Smooth effects and a quirky melody open up the mix, but soon give way to a funky guitar-esque bassline. A big electronic riff becomes the main hook of the track, backing a drifting a vocal provided by none other than Mick Burns himself. Subtle piano lines slide underneath the constant looped riff, with the funky bass driving things forward at all times. Synth washes fill in the gaps and add the final touch to a funky, floor moving remix from Uke and Kimik.

Mick's own 'Cardboard Original Mix' builds itself around a big chunky groove with warm chords and synths blending in with the emotive vocal and melodic piano lines to create a dreamy swirling soundscape. Deep stabs lift the vocal above the underlying sounds, building to a euphoric breakdown that seems to be a growing trend in many of Mick's own tracks. Whilst many shy away from this particular direction, Mick seems to embrace it head on and whilst it may sometimes come across as a cheesy epic house dirge, you have to admire the diversity this young producer tries to attempt in his tracks. Perfect for a warm up set, but it's use away from that is limited. Luckily there's a bonus 'Thought-apella' for those who wish to attempt to make it more.

A slightly left of centre release for Cuba, which doesn't quite live up to the previous two releases. The 'U&K' Mix will please fans of their works as well as those who like things a little more funky, but is the prolific Blue Haze cloud in the sky starting to darken and fade away? Time will tell.

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