Artist: Central Rush
Title: Lotus / 4AM
Label: Method Records
By: Simon Jones | 8 May 2003
  • A: Lotus
  • B: 4AM

Central Rush "Lotus / 4AM"

Out Now on Method Records

Central Rush is yet another new addition to the Method roster, with producer Mark Chu having been introduced to production by his brother via a Midi Studio almost half a decade ago. Having cut his teeth getting feedback for early work on the vastly popular unknown artist portal, Mark has honed his sound more and more, and these two tracks for this Method release show how far he's come.

'Lotus' wastes no time in grabbing you by the balls, a pulsating bassline rising out of nowhere as soon as the track kicks into action. As it progresses, intricate melody lines are weaved into the groove, as synth delays explode within the centre of the sounds being crafted. Rattling riffs add an extra dimension to the track as the melody unfolds, strings lifting the beat to new heights as deep bass covers the groove, a warm riff cascading up and over the top as things come to a climax. Deep and melodic goodness which oozes influence from some of the scene's finest.

'4am' instantly reminds you of some of the early 90s work of such outfits as FSOL as it opens in cinematic fashion. robotic analogue chords and twinkling hi-hats forming the main groove of the track. Over the top comes an harmonic bell melody line which adds intensity to the laid back groove, driving forward until the groove drops out, leaving the melody to control the direction of the track as it opens up, letting all the sounds explode for the grand finale

Two tight melodic productions which are guaranteed to get the floor jumping for joy. Snap up a copy of this and slip it in the box, it's a weapon you can keep to cause some craziness when the time is right.

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