Artist: Central Rush
Title: Out Of Focus
Label: Method Records
By: Simon Jones | 7 January 2004
  • A: Illegally Blind Mix
  • B: Tkac & Haverlik Mix

Central Rush "Out Of Focus"

Out Now on Method Records

Several months ago, LA producer Mark Chu made his debut with the AA side single 'Lotus/4am', and since then has been busy working on music for film and TV. Thankfully he managed to find the time to create a follow up, and 'Out Of Focus' arrives just in time to start off 2004 for Method. Keeping it in the family, Baroque artists Tkac and Haverlik, add their own touch on the flip.

Mark's own 'Illegally Blind Mix' is a deep and spacious melodic journey that thankfully manages to avoid the overblown stigma that sometimes graces tracks of this particular style. Drifting arpeggios and melody riffs float over a dreamy groove, constantly evolving, weaving it's way along in a warm yet subtle fashion, until soaring strings and breakbeat rhythms bring in an epic slant through the break and beyond, once again showcasing the talent of this producer and the fact that in time he will be one to watch for sure.

'Tkac and Haverlik' submerge the melodies into the background, and slide in a big rolling bassline which forms the nucleus of their mix, as synths bubble in the oceanic atmosphere that they create. Analogue stabs inject an organic feel to the groove, but it's the bass that ultimately dominates here, as Tkac and Haverlik take it squarely onto the main room dancefloor.

Another winner from Central Rush, who brings a fresh set of ideas to the growing melodic sound that has been returning in the past few months. This, along with his diversity via branching out into music in other industries will ensure he stays one step ahead as the year develops, with his own mix here just slightly holding the edge over the deeper Tkac and Haverlik rework.

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