Artist: Da-Milio
Title: Rockyabody / Intodeep
Label: Method Records
By: Evan Arnett | 1 February 2006
  • A: Rockyabody
  • B: Intodeep

Da-Milio "Rockyabody / Intodeep"

Out Now on Method Records

The latest addition to the well-established Method label is the debut single from up and coming DJ and producer Da-Milio, real name Camiel Daamen. Over the last several years, Da-Milio has begun to make a name for himself, first in Holland, and now touring all over Europe pressing a signature sound ranging from house to progressive and more.

Rockyabody kicks the single off with a high pass filtered four-on-the-floor kick drum. The bass frequencies are soon brought in as additional rhythmic elements to the track are introduced. A delayed “swoosh” sound is triggered for a stylistic effect, while an interesting stereo hi-hat pattern is begins. A deep, lightly distorted bass enters with the main hook of the song: a voice that half-whispers the word “Rock” with a heavy delay. The song continues to develop with an added 303 style bass that filters up and down. The mid-song breakdown occurs as predicted with the full “rock ya body” lyric introduced as percussive elements heighten the tension. An unusual kick drum pattern and synth chord stab brings the song to a climax as the tension is released and the song breaks itself down toward the ending. This song has a good sense of general progression, build and development over time, and is able to stay interesting with relatively light source material.

The second song, Intodeep, begins with a beat being filtered in. The beat is so housey in style that one could even imagine a disco loop hook filtering in at the end of the intro, but Da-Milio takes this one to a more unexpected, and more interesting place. A delayed sound comes in and a drawn out swoosh provides a sense of transition and continuity as a short breakdown signals the end of the rhythmic introduction and a bassline is added. This bassline is, strangely enough, at the same time subtle in timbre, and so stylistically significant that it remains the focus and core of the song’s appeal for the entirety of its duration. Chord stabs with an organ quality are added to the mix, providing interesting rhythmic movement in the mid range. These chords stabs develop during the breakdown as the delayed swoosh sounds take over before the kick drums returns. This song is relatively deep and minimal compared to the other member of this release, and has an almost techno sound to it.

The real beauty of this release is that it could work equally well as a more subtle element to a house set or to add a bit of chunky rhythm to spice up a progressive set. However, it would probably end up best in the type of Dj set played by Da-milio himself: one that spans across genres and that could use productions like these that contain qualities that refuse to fit neatly into one genre or another. Those looking for a catchy melody or strong sense of atmosphere need not apply, these songs are more about providing a solid, developing groove, with Rockyabody in particular emitting an effective party vibe. This is a fun, simple single, and while lacking the polish of a veteran producer’s work, Da-Milio gives us a decent first release that shows a lot of potential from this rising artist

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