Artist: Danny Bonnici
Title: Return To Saturn / GL2
Label: Hidden Form Recordings
By: Colin C. | 10 August 2006
  • A: Return To Saturn
  • B: GL2

Danny Bonnici "Return To Saturn / GL2"

Out Now on Hidden Form Recordings

When one thinks of the few Australians who have helped bring the dance world down under, Danny's name certainly should spring to mind. As of late Bonnici has stepped out from behind the NuBreed manifesto and teamed up with the likes of Luke Chable ('Ride') and Andy Page ('Vermouth') to bring us some massive releases. Now for the first time we see Danny step out on his own with his first AA release.

'Return To Saturn', the title cut of this release is a slice of melodic progressive that harps back to the good ol' days when tracks were constructed with pure atmosphere in mind. From its quirky intro we are treated to some simple, drippy percussion that quickly brings in some warm, round square note patterns dripping and smearing themselves across the track. Before you know it a heavy kick knocks everything into place and you are effortlessly lost in Danny’s sound-scape. Across the entirety of the track the arrangement is kept fairly minimal and glides by picking up lost space transmissions a la Space Manoeuvres. It isn't until six minutes in where things start to get wild as we get pulled further in. With the bass line morphing into a wiggling progression and the synths getting grinded down makes for a nice twist. An all around great change of pace from the overly dry and dynamically squashed stuff we’ve been drowning in this past year.

'GL2' finds itself on the b-side here, and its in true b-side form. This one is definitely for the adventurous as it comes in with loose drum patterns and interesting effects. 'GL2' rides the razor's edge between being house or breaks as it feels like something Meat Katie might conjure up on the right amount of ketamine. Theres lots of great sound design in this, whether or not it congeals enough for the dance floor would be up to the mood of that particular night. A fairly quick track, clocking in at just under seven minutes, yet it never has a dull moment for me, but fans of 'Ride' might definitely feel something is missing with this one.

If you're looking for a perfect way to warm up a night, and miss that certain production element that the progressive scene has seemed to have forgotten in the past years this record will suit you nicely. Fans of the glitch shouldn't feel disappointed either as that aspect of Danny's production is still here, and might find 'GL2' fitting right in with a late night staying in with friends.

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