Artist: Dave Robertson
Title: Cancel The Groove / Long Night
Label: Sequential Records
By: Nick Williams & Brandon Wade | 6 January 2006
  • A: Cancel The Groove
  • B: Long Night

Dave Robertson "Cancel The Groove / Long Night"

Out Now on Sequential Records

For the UK’s Sequential Records, their aim is to bring quality deep melodic groovy tech house to the world. As head of Innovate Records, Matt Samuels decided he needed a new outlet to release some of the more techy, housey numbers he encountered. As a result, Sequential Records was born, and Samuels has decided it would be Dave Robertson to take the reigns on their inaugural release. The Portsmouth based producer/dj has brought us two tracks that have James Zabiela jumping up and down and smiling a bunch. Word around the water cooler says that Sasha, Digweed, and Hernan Cattaneo have been playing these tracks as well. With releases on Cuba, Hearing Aid, and Evasive and remixes for EQ[grey], Segment, and Nu Republic, a certain expectation for quality tech house precedes him.

'Cancel The Groove' is definitely the tamer of the two tracks on this release. Don't get us wrong though… you won’t be standing still to this one. Housey beats with sharp shakers and swirly high-hats introduce reverbed dub-like chords and this filtered squeaky floor stab. It is an interesting sound that drives the track along with the thick, funky bassline that together create a great groove with gobs of "head-bobbn' ability". Vocal delays create a very spatial sound that is done very well, and really opens up the room, wherever it is played. A funk-inspired melodic stab line reminds us of older Dr. Dre synth sounds and makes the tune a bit more bouncy. The bassline is effected during the breakdown, with filter sweeps and a heavy amount of resonance, acting to raise the energy of the song. This is a great warm-up track that will get people on the floor.

If you turn the record over, you will find 'Long Night'. This track takes on the role of the rowdy, obnoxious roommate for the release, as it will play to the larger crowds and demand a bit more attention. The main thing to take from this release is the very interesting groove that is created by arrangement of percussive elements and synth stabs. This is placed over shuffley house beats with a very deep, tubular bassline. Although very loopy and "sequential" in nature, Dave creates a long groove that does not loose its interest quickly. This track plays to the larger floors through its swirley, filter-swept breakdowns and by the fact that it is very dj friendly.

We think that this release is essential for anyone that craves music that will work to a variety of audiences. By combining the influences from multiple genres these tracks will have wide appeal. We hope that this is a sign of things to come from Sequential, as they have material from Joshua Collins, James Talk, Dave Spoon, and The Officials in the works. We are looking forward to what will come next from this promising new label.

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