Artist: Dave Robertson
Title: For Her Addiction EP
Label: Cuba Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 24 March 2004
  • A1: For Her
  • B1: Addictive
  • B2: Intro Track

Dave Robertson "For Her Addiction EP"

Out Now on Cuba Recordings

With a single on Hearing Aid to his name already, and remixes for labels such as EQ Grey Ltd and Nu Republic, Dave Robertson gets the chance to showcase some more of his original material with this new EP entitled 'For Her Addiction'. Having already remixed the Echofalls track 'Shivver' for the label, it's a tribute to Dave's production skills that he was asked to put together this EP, which also further shows why he is fast becoming highly regarded by DJs right across the board.

'For Her' is a good old acid house anthem, a massive killer bassline kicking ass and taking names later. Shaker percussion and flange effects create a deep and unique void within which the acid elements and bassline carry out their work. Throw in some stabs that would fit just nicely in a techno set and a gradual breakdown which will have you shaking your ass in the second wave of bass that glides back in and you have one fun and energetic anthemic house cut that will have the floor shaking to it's very core. A massive piece of work from an highly underrated producer.

Over on the flip 'Addictive' sees Dave put together a slightly more refined and laid back track, with some dark influences creeping into what can only be described as percussive house meets techno. A warbling bassline and tech house stabs bounce along before shattering as the breakdown hits and a haunting siren emerges, gliding over high pitched percussion and back into the bass led groove for the twisted finale. Also on the b-side is 'Intro Track', a vibrant DJ tool full of atmospheric sounds, bleeps and beats that work well when tagged onto either of the other two tracks on the EP.

Cuba's finest hour yet, and with many more releases already scheduled up for the rest of 2004, it looks as though the label's domination that started last year will continue on for the foreseeable future.

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