Artist: Deepgroove
Title: Just Luv Piano
Label: Kinky Vinyl
By: Simon Jones | 12 November 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Mike Monday Jus Luv Electronia Mix

Deepgroove "Just Luv Piano"

Out Now on Kinky Vinyl

Deepgroove seem to be on a roll as of late, with 2004 being their biggest year yet. With a string of appearances on a wide variety of labels, be it the consistently innovative Cuba Recordings, newcomers Slave and Intra or indeed the excellent Kinky Vinyl and each release has brought their work to a far greater listener base than before, and judging by the reaction already for 'Just Luv Piano', this second outing for Kinky Vinyl is destined to be their biggest of the year by far.

The 'Original Mix' takes us back in the day, as this cool party house track brings back the classic piano stabs and floating strings that used to be all the rage. The lounge style beats work well underneath, with the looped arrangement giving the track a smooth upbeat tempo that works well on the dancefloor, and the crossover potential is huge as Deepgroove show just why they are touted as the new masters of house.

Of course, when we talk about house you have to think of 'Mike Monday'. In the last few years he's been a somewhat influential figure in helping to bridge the divide that existed between the more progressive sounds and traditional house roots, with his involvement in Paradise Soul in particular being of note. Here he adds his own unique edge to 'Just Luv Piano' with a cool electronic track that brings some subtle funk and skippy 80s beats into the mix, and presenting the original idea in a totally new and somewhat current way.

Already receiving radio and play list support from none other than Pete Tong, it has all the hallmarks of another big release for Kinky Vinyl, with the label really firing on all cylinders as of late. Get on this, and you will just love it.

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