Artist: Dirty German Feat Mirko Meyer
Title: Be Together
Label: Plastica Red
By: Chloe Harris | 25 June 2004
  • A: Main Pass
  • B: Deep Powder Dub

Dirty German Feat Mirko Meyer "Be Together"

Out Now on Plastica Red

Dirty German is Fritz Sieg, a Bostonian who's had recent success with 'Body Takes Control' and 'Talking In Your Sleep' with Mouzakis. This is his first solo production with the company of Mirko Meyer on vocals. 'Be Together' is a strong dose of rhythms and groove, along with tight programming.

The 'Main Pass' of 'Be Together starts off with clicky beats and claps, along with a tribal backbone and a low bass groove. Thunderous scratchy stabs crash down into the percussion and Mirko's grumbly voice comes in talking about his feelings and wanting more from his relationship. Twisted sounds creep in adding more layers to the mix. Acid bubbles in the background, and key stabs create a shuffling groove. There are loads of changes throughout the song dropping it in and out of short breaks and riding through cool effects.

The 'Deep Powder Dub' is a heavier version with a sassy bassline and less vocals. Pounding rhythms accompany the tribal drumming and clicky beats. The scratchy stabs are more prominent, falling in more often. The key stabs come in and sliding sounds whisk the song into a rolling groove. Once again, quick changes keep the momentum, while twisted sounds drop it down into a break. Mirko's voice comes on with an alarm sound put behind it, while the acid line builds up from the background. While this version isn't too different from the 'Main Pass', there are still some great elements to it.

The first solo release for Fritz Sieg should work well with DJ Vibe, Chab, and people who like their house music dirty with a touch of class.

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