Artist: Eames
Title: Glamm
Label: Kinky Vinyl
By: Simon Jones | 16 June 2006
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Streetlife Edit

Eames "Glamm"

Out Now on Kinky Vinyl

Kinky Vinyl has already prided itself on digging up and showcasing some of the finest undiscovered talent the underground house scene has to offer, so it's little surprise to find that the label's 44th release, 'Glamm' comes from yet another of those names. The career of Angus Wilson started out in 2005 with the release of 'Synth Song' under the guise of Mongoose 1 on Sunflower Records. Since then he's been doing the business with his Eames project, putting together a few remixes of artists such as Cass & Mangan, The Loose Cannons and Streetlife DJs. 'Glamm' is his debut production, and it's a rather splendid debut indeed.

The 'Original Mix' of 'Glamm' is a dirty low slung house cut with a splendid little twist. Some excellent programming and synth arrangements and looped and effected for that gritty sound that reverberates through the speaker. Underpinned by a cool 6/8 groove, watch this track slowly surely edge it's way into your subconsciousness and take control.

If you prefer things a little more upbeat, then the 'Streelife Edit' is the mix for those who want to make an impact. The original's synth line is beefed up and slung into a spin drier as the Streetlife boys go straight for the jugular with this excellent tough house interpretation.

'Glamm' is one of the best releases to come from Kinky Vinyl in a while, and is a very respectable debut for this London producer. With upcoming work on Private Joy, a remix on Sabotage, and backing from the likes of Ewan Pearson, Cass, Tom Mangan and Smokin Jo, you can be sure to hear a lot more of Eames, and sooner rather than later.

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