Artist: Echofalls
Title: Shiver
Label: Cuba Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 4 July 2003
  • A1: Original Mix
  • A2: Dave Robertson A+D Mix
  • B1: Blue Haze Melodic Extract

Echofalls "Shiver"

Out Now on Cuba Recordings

Cuba Recordings is a new imprint set up by dj and producer Chris Lake and his good friend Bobby M. Aiming to focus more on the rise of new talent aiming to make their own impact on the market, it's a unique direction for a label to venture down, but as this first release from Echofalls, called 'Shiver' shows, there is a lot of great unknown talent making great music at the moment, and on this particular release we are introduced to the as-yet unknown Dave Robertson, and 'Blue Haze' who has already started to make a name for himself with releases on several labels already to his credit

The 'Original Mix' brings together deep house grooves and an intricate percussion line that runs through the centre, whilst organic beat arrangements sit on top. The arrangement of the groove leans somewhat towards the more progressive side of things, but the piano hook and subtle melodies that are woven into the track emit a warm mood, adding a distinct sound to the overall track, and creating a rather interesting hybrid of sounds which works very well indeed. Something different from that young man Lake that will captivate and enchant you.

Meanwhile, the 'Dave Robertson A+D Remix' introduces acid edged effects and a big bassline, concealed by loops that ripple through the groove, allowing the melody line to rise to the surface. The main hook is introduced gradually into the mix, culminating in a big acid breakdown which then fades out to reveal a shaking groove to end things nicely. More tough and heavy bassline action from Mr Robertson.

Finally, 'Blue Haze' makes an appearence to provide the last of the mixes, and he turns up the dial somewhat, replacing the bassline of the original with a more uplifting version, teasing in the melody right from the onset. Hard drums and rattling percussion compliment the pace and mood of the mix perfectly as it builds towards a dramatic melodic break early on, letting the melody take over and rise to an heavenly climax, and back down to earth via a shimmering final half where the melodies and hooks fade into each other seamlessly.

A versatile release with a varied selection of mixes, one of which should at least float your boat. A superb and promising start for this label, and it will be interesting to see how forthcoming material, including an EP from Finland's U&K follows suit.

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