Artist: Element N
Title: Intoxication
Label: Binary Records
By: Simon Jones | 16 April 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Darko Vs Gainer Mix

Element N "Intoxication"

Out Now on Binary Records

Tim Scott has been rather busy in the last few months, with several new singles touching down with mixed results. A far cry from the greatness of 'Control', one of his most successful to date under the guise of Element N. Now much later, he returns with the follow up.. 'Intoxication'

Element N's 'Original Mix' is another deep and groovy house number which rocks along in a big house style. Big beats and a wild percussion line lend a big room feel to this track, which only grows as the twisted acid vocal and vibrating riff that lifts from the centre of the groove fight for attention, slowing down into the break before hammering hard for a slight reprise as the bottom end slowly drops out.

The remix comes from two of the Sumsonic boys, as 'Darko and Gainer' reinvent 'Intoxication', stripping it down and slide in electo-edged riff that runs over the heads down groove that oozes out of every nook and cranny of the track, the old skool bassline adding much to the mix. Not as wild and disjointed as the original, but this is one slickly produced mix which does the business in it's own way.

Two hot cuts, with the superb remix on the flip taking things in a slightly more solid direction which always seems to be the case when Darko and Gainer get together. Ten releases on and Binary are still making house cuts for the big rooms, and this is no exception.

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