Artist: Evolution
Title: Blaster
Label: Electric Music People
By: Simon Jones | 28 April 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Dub Mix

Evolution "Blaster"

Out Now on Electric Music People

Evolution need no introduction. The duo of Jon Sutton & Barry Jamieson can be credited with having been a major proponent of helping to build the progressive music scene into what it is today. With countless productions, remixes, and collaborations under their belt, their dedicated work to the scene culminated in the album 'Unnatural Selection'. Sadly their label Fluid Recordings ceased several months ago, but from it's ashes rises the phoenix that has evolved into Electric Music People, and the first release is a track that featured on Evolution's album but up until now has not been released. That track is 'Blaster'.

A no nonsense driving groove and vocoded robotic vocals give the 'Original Mix' an interesting moody tone that aides it throughout it's duration. Big riffs and vibrant stabs rise up and over the top, as a dark bassline swings it's tail, smashing it's way through the speakers and onto the dancefloor in the process. Old school electronic sounds raise their head at points throughout the track, but add to the appeal of the track, and whilst it pays a passing nod to Evolution's earlier work, it's a devastating piece of work nevertheless.

The 'Dub Mix' takes things that little bit deeper and darker, a bubbling pot of twisted sounds and effects slipping a foreboding edge into the groove. Subtle cut up hooks lower the momentum as the beats head towards a subliminal drop that will mess with your mind, and this mix is perfect for those who like things a little more darker and gritty.

'Blaster' starts the movement off on the best possible note, and as the label grows, with new material from Bluefish, plus names such as Quivver, Sean Q6, in addition to some up and coming names whom you will hear about in due course, you can be sure that before long there will be a lot more people enjoying electric music.

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