Artist: Frank Garcia & Tony Vega
Title: Africaman EP
Label: Play Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 15 June 2004
  • A1: Africaman (Original Mix)
  • A2: Technology (Acapella)
  • B1: Technology (Original Mix)
  • B2: Technology (Afroboogie Mix)

Frank Garcia & Tony Vega "Africaman EP"

Out Now on Play Recordings

Frank Garcia & Tony Vega have been part of the music industry for many years. Tony Vega started his musical career when he was 15, working in a well-known disco in Gran Canaria. He developed his sound to include Spanish and acid house, and became a DMC finalist, which marked a great period in his life. He's moved into production and he still is Djing in Ibiza and beyond. Frank Garcia first started his career working in a broadcasting studio in Gran Canaria. He developed his own sound and was able to learn and experience others. He now travels as far as Germany for his gigs in two great clubs, Acanto and Cuabar. Their 'Africaman EP' is full of heady tribal drumming, throaty vocals and big bass.

'Africaman' starts out with some uplifting tribal drumming. Toms and shakers make their way in, while a distorted voice starts talking. A Quick stop introduces a big bass boom that rides underneath the percussion. Drums keep building and new wood and more tom sounds are added. Dark stabs cut into the drumming, and the song drops off into a pulsing break. The vocal is looped and "wants you to take something back". Everything pops back in, and we chug out till the end.

The 'Technology Acapella' leaves room to work with as an opener or a tool to layer on top of other music. The dark voice comes in with a creepy drum hit and a spacious shaker sound. Some other spacey bits come in, but the idea behind it is really what you make of it.

Sharp drums and low stab wiggles start off the 'Original Mix' of 'Technology'. Scratchy high hats and delayed sounds build into a peak that drops off into a massive fat bassline. The groove pumps and swells while the dark voice starts in. More drums are added to the mix, and everything builds once more before breaking down at the end.

Afroboogie, another Play Recordings artist, takes a more minimal approach to 'Technology'. Tiny sounds filter in with the minimal groove that started off. The beats are clean and driving, and the voice is more robotic and captures a different vibe than the original. A ripping gnarly synth cuts through the beats, which drop off into a wet spacey middle. The drums continue thru the break never letting up, and come crashing back down into a kick. The minimal groove and synths follow the song out.

Frank Garcia & Tony Vega create a tribal thumping EP for Play Recordings. Expect big plays from Steve Lawler and Danny Tenaglia on this one, as its filthy beats are right up their alley.

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