Artist: Fuf & Goz Feat Marshall Jefferson
Title: Coffee 2 Go (Remixes)
Label: Kinky Vinyl
By: Simon Jones | 1 May 2003
  • A: Marshall Jefferson Mix
  • B: Dusk Mix

Fuf & Goz Feat Marshall Jefferson "Coffee 2 Go (Remixes)"

Out Now on Kinky Vinyl

Kinky people and funky house lovers out there may remember the original 'Coffee 2 Go' which was released back in 2002 as one of the early releases on Kinky Vinyl. Well now it's back for 2003, with a set of remixes to complete the package, as Marshall Jefferson comes from behind the microphone to turn in his own version of the track, and we are introduced to London based outfit 'Dusk', who deliver their first ever remix for the package

Having provided vocals on the original, the 'Godfather of House' decided he wanted to put his own touch to the track. Keeping the groove and funk of the original intact, Marshall weaves in some warm chords and his deep vocals are now backed with a second layer from a soulful diva vocalist. A big drop lands us in a blissful house groove, just right for the warm summer months to come, an evocative sax solo complimenting the groove with superb results, building to a large drop, as one final lick of funk is applied on the outro. The master of house weaves some incredible magic on this mix, make no mistake about that!

The remix comes from 'Dusk' who are the newly formed production outfit of Paul Southby and Paul Wiseman, who recently enjoyed great success with the track 'Stars'. Their interepretation of 'Coffee 2 Go' lends a laid back groove to the track, lounge style production melting into tight drums and a chunky rolling bassline. Marshall's vocals drift freely in the open space, and the subtle production of this mix really shines through as the duo weave magic with tight precision.

A perfect compliment to the original 12", with both remixes being of a top quality. Kinky Vinyl dominated in 2002, being accoladed as one of the best new labels of the year, and so far they have built further on that as we continue through 2003. Keep an eye on this label!

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