Artist: Harry Lemon
Title: Rise
Label: Bandung Records
By: Colin C. | 21 May 2006
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Jack Russell NYC Mix

Harry Lemon "Rise"

Out Now on Bandung Records

Harry Lemon has had quite a journey since his 'Bells of Revolution' put him on the map way back in 95. His sound has matured nicely as his work as Lemon8 found its way onto Bedrock in 2002, as his style started to twist its way into a hybrid of progressive ideas and driving club grooves. The following year he would unleash his own label, Bandung and give refuge to the purveyors of melodic and driving grooves. And that's where we find Harry today with his latest original work 'Rise' kicking of his label's 6th release.

Following suit to his last release 'Tiga', 'Rise' keeps a simple chuggy energy throughout the original mix. Starting out with washed out chords, the track builds into a steady rhythm section that Harry is known for. The bass line is kept simple and on the classic upbeat as it keeps the driving energy moving right along. Strong melodies add to the melodic nature of the track before it melts into the break where a heavy bass pad takes over as the track builds and builds back into the driving groove picking up a few melodic elements as it goes.

On the flip Harry dons his 'Jack Russell' guise and gives his track a thorough re-working. A stronger kick snaps into place as the percussion builds over some swirling pads and tones before unleashing a bass line that pays homage to Harry's own 'Groinshaker'. Definitely a more house influenced approach with this mix, as some nice stabs enter into the groove followed by some nice melodic synth progressions to add the cherry to the top of this feel-good vibe. The break sneaks up on you, dropping out to just the bass and kick before winding back into some flanged out stabs and a few more percussions. Harry works the groove out nicely into a smooth finish in the same fashion as the original.

Fans of Harry's work will find nothing to complain about here, as this does not deviate from the layouts Harry’s been sequencing by for many releases. However, the classic structure and synth use in the original leaves something to desire in 2006. Thankfully it seems Harry might have realized this and made up for it in his 'Jack Russell' mix, which clearly gives the listener/DJ/fan a little more to chew on. Make no mistake, Harry Lemon can engineer a mean track and once again he works that groove nicely.

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