Artist: Hujja & Pufo
Title: Fire
Label: Plastica Red
By: Simon Jones | 13 May 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Marco Bellini & Val Weller Mix

Hujja & Pufo "Fire"

Out Now on Plastica Red

Hujja & Pufo's 'Fire' has been smoldering away at Plastic Fantastic's offices in London's Covent Garden for a while now, but finally makes it's appearance as the 15th release on Plastica Red. Having been responsible for setting up London's Ministry Of Sound back in the day after being influenced by New York's club scene and in particular Paradise Garage, Justin Berkman relocated to Italy and has since been developing his talent as a producer, working with some of the finest talent from the international scene. 'Fire' sees him collaborate with Munich based producer Pufo, and with the remix coming from Marco Bellini and Val Weller, things are smoking before they get off the starting blocks.

The 'Original Mix' puts tribal beats and big loops in the centre of an epic and atmospheric void, and although it takes a while to get underway, the sounds and effect that flutter through in the later stages add a nice uplifting twist to the dark and twisted groove, and making this busy and somewhat grating track slightly easier on the ears.

Luckily, the remix by 'Marco Bellini & Val Weller' doesn't attempt to drill your brain out, but instead makes it's presence felt with a solid and rocking groove that sways back and forth, as a vibrant and floating bassline cuts it's way through the punchy beats. The bottom end drops out, big electro stabs glide in, before another drop swings in without warning and into the final stretch. As you would expect from these guys, this is dirty dirty remix that blows the original away.

The original is a track that is never here nor there and one you will either love or hate, but the Marco Bellini & Val Weller mix is another dirty house monster that is right up there with their previous work, and deserving of a listen.

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