Artist: Hyper
Title: Catnip
Label: Acetate Ltd
By: Simon Jones | 27 April 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Noel Sanger Breaks Mix

Hyper "Catnip"

Out Now on Acetate Ltd

Guy Hatfield is possibly one of the most prominent djs in the breakbeat scene today. As the pioneer of the Y3K concept as DJ Hyper, delivering albums which are still held in high regard to this day, he has constantly pushed himself further and further, with two recent mix compilations for Bedrock Breaks also to his credit. His Kilowatt imprint is home to some of the finest talent of today, including Terminalhead, Stirfry and General Midi, and his production work has been developing slowly with a push into original productions occuring in recent tracks including 'Slapper', and this other one, 'Catnip', which has already been featured on his Fractured mix cd.

Beats rise up and down, leading into the main kickdrum of the 'Original Mix', rocking right from the onset with it's bold and bolshy beats, as the warm bassline and strings hit the rest of the track head on. The vocal screams 'Go!' as the no nonsence groove pounds on, introducing the main melody line slowly but surely. A big loop stops everything in it's tracks before the onslaught resumes once more. Pure heads down dancefloor carnage is guaranteed with this slamming loud cut, and the melody ensures things are kept upbeat and driving. Blinding!

However, it isn't over yet. The remix sees 'Noel Sanger' make a transition from his normal sound into the world of breaks. The 'Kamikaze Cropduster Mix' lays off the accelerator, slowly building the mood with tight percussive loops and drum patterns, growing larger and larger before the bottom end drops out and fierce heavy bass rolls out of the speakers, the blades of the machine in full spin as the dancefloor is ripped to pieces, before easing the pain as the twisted outro slowly unwinds returning a state of calm.

A huge release for both Hyper and Acetate Ltd, and with an artist album in the works, this is a merely a taste of things to come.

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