Artist: Ictus
Title: So Smooth / Party Bag
Label: Dirty Blue Records
By: Simon Jones | 23 May 2003
  • A: So Smooth
  • B: Party Bag

Ictus "So Smooth / Party Bag"

Out Now on Dirty Blue Records

Ictus follow on from tracks such as 'Nu Thing' and 'The Look' on Dirty Blue's sister label Minimal with this double helping of tech edged house cuts. Can 'So Smooth' and 'Party Bag' gain as much widespread support as the previous singles? There's only one way to find out..

Percussive chords and a big house groove form the nucleus of the a-side track 'So Smooth', rolling into an infectious vocal hook which rises over the bubbling bass that is present throught the track, the track pushes forward in hypnotic fashion, fading out to a dreamy ambient break before spiraliing off it's designated course during the grand finale.

'Party Bag' is more of a big room house cut, bass heavy kick drums drowning out soft percussion as the track develops. Snare stabs distort the groove and the repetative vocal splurts through the speakers too much for my liking and for me this track doesn't do nothing and comes across as rather flat.

Following on from the great Ty Tek release and in light of Ictus's previous form, this is a disappointment, and I would advise caution before you check it out, as 'So Smooth' is the only reason worth checking this out.

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