Artist: Jody Wisternoff
Title: Cold Drink Hot Girl
Label: Distinctive Records
By: Chad Harnish | 11 May 2006
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: That Other Mix

Jody Wisternoff "Cold Drink Hot Girl"

Out Now on Distinctive Records

Jody Wisternoff is one half of the quite talented electronic band Way Out West and as of late, the duo have been concentrating on their own solo projects. With Nick Warren off doing remixes and A&R for Hope Recordings, Jody has also been keeping quite busy. With a monthly mix show at Proton Radio, a remix of Tim Davison’s “Cat's Cradle” and more original singles on the way, Jody clearly demonstrates the musical powerhouse that he is.

If you {heart} Way Out West, how can you not be instinctively drawn to a single by Jody Wisternoff? The question is not about curb appeal however, it is about the sounds. And gladly I can assure the fans of Way Out West that you can get your fix right here on “Cold Drink, Hot Girl.” For those of you who do not know of Way Out West, you are probably on the wrong site, but I imagine you will like this track anyway.

The original mix of “Cold Drink, Hot Girl” is a highly attractive piece of work. Always delivering fresh alluring sounds, this is one of those tracks that is constantly evolving and building on itself. Jody’s mastery of the build really impressed me on this mix.

My personal highlight of the Original mix is the break towards the middle of the track where Jody drops the bottom out of the song and proceeds with a bit of glimmering ambience. It reminds me of one of my favorite records, Sasha’s remix of the Chemical Brothers’ “Out of Control.”

That Other Mix on the other side is a more formidable take on “Cold Drink, Hot Girl.” Where the Original mix is more subtle, this mix is definitely a peak time stormer. Don’t get me wrong, the Original mix is nowhere near chill, but That Other Mix has obvious power to dominate dancefloors with its harder and grittier sounds.

Distinctive Records stops at nothing less than brilliant taste by signing Jody Wisternoff, and with “Cold Drink, Hot Girl, Jody delivers an outstanding track. Distinctive will continue with choice releases this summer with a new highly anticipated Hybrid LP and an EP of tracks from Ils last album ‘Bohemia.’

“Cold Drink, Hot Girl,” what more could one ask for?

'Great to see Jody back again! Usual sonic quality as we've come to expect. Wicked bassline. Wicked melodies. Ace.' - Redanka

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