Artist: Jody Wisternoff
Title: Starstrings
Label: Dirty Soul Records
By: Ryan Simoneau | 8 November 2007
  • A1: Vocal Version
  • A2: Instrumental Version
  • B1: Helmut Kraft 1983 Mix

Jody Wisternoff "Starstrings"

Out Now on Dirty Soul Records

Jody Wisternoff needs no introduction. One half of the infamous Way Out West, the man has been cranking out classic tunes for well over a decade. With Way Out West on hiatus, Jody’s been building up his reputation through his solo productions of late, having already released the fantastic “Cold Drink, Hot Girl” and “Nostalgia” last year to smashing success. His new single sees him veer off in a slightly different direction from those but with no less success.

The original mix of “Starstrings” is a gorgeous house number but much more subdued than his previous two singles. The track opens with a twinkling, piano-led melody that has a soft break thrown underneath. This melody builds until the main vocals are introduced, a first for Jody in his recent solo work. Layers upon layers are interwoven throughout. I can see why this was such a huge hit at the end of the summer; as this has sunset written all over it. Perfect for ending a set, this track boasts no surprises - just gentle, emotive energy that you can feel with each successive listen.

The instrumental version is identical and loses the vocals, which were minimal to begin with. If you’re looking for a superb instrumental to work into the end of your set, this is the one for you. Add your acapella of choice and the possibilities are endless because the groove is that good.

On the flipside is Helmut Kraft’s 1983 mix and, just as the name suggests, the beat is very 80’s in flavor. Helmut beefs up the bass and gives the track more of an old-school, electro breaks feel. The vocals have been kept to a minimum, and Kraft chooses to focus mainly on the melody of the original. This one could certainly work in an electro-infused or even a breaks set but, for this reviewer, the original is where it’s at.

Jody has long lived in the shadows of his partner in crime, Nick Warren but with a successful string of solo singles, he should start to get the accolades he so rightfully deserves. There’s no question Jody has some of the best melodies around; here’s hoping he saves a few for a new Way Out West album in 2008!

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