Artist: Jono Fernandez
Title: Monkey Business
Label: EQ Grey
By: Chloe Harris | 6 October 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Jay Tripwire & Mr Barcode Mix

Jono Fernandez "Monkey Business"

Out Now on EQ Grey

‘Monkey Business’ by Jono Fernandez is a great funked up breakbeat number. It's recently been making the rounds by DJ’s such as Meat Katie, Terry Francis and Jonathan Lisle. A great acidy remix by Jay Tripwire & Mr Barcode on the flip, which opens doors for a broad range of djs, with the overall release being something a little different from Jono.

The 'Original' starts in with funked up drums. A dirty bassline drives in taking the song off into a vocal sample. A few layers of sound move in different directions. They start to collide and are sucked into a sweeping break down. Delayed drops tease a haunting synth and fall with a piano. Another voice sample and the song takes on a whole new movement into washy soundscapes and lush melodies.

The 'Jay Tripwire & Mr Barcode Mix' is a progressive tech house tune. A thick kick, and short lazer snaps start in. A nice delayed sound bounces into the beats, and fades off into a sick acid funk. A groovy bassline cuts into a short break and stops up for a moment. A haunting synth comes in along with the piano drops. The kick comes back in, and the acid grooves until the end.

EQ continue on strong. Jono Fernandez's 'Monkey Business' is going to be heard on dancefloors everywhere, and will probably surprise people who expect something a little different from him.

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