Artist: Justin Xara & DJ Criminal
Title: 5000KW
Label: Deeper Substance Records
By: Simon Jones | 9 August 2006
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: OrtzRoka Mix

Justin Xara & DJ Criminal "5000KW"

Out Now on Deeper Substance Records

Lithuanian Justin Xara has been involved with Demi's Deeper Substance imprint perhaps almost as extensively as the label owner himself. Be it his remix of Demi's own 'D-Drive', or the CCCP single 'Rakety', each contribution to the label has helped forged it's template as a consistent provider of diverse and quality house music. His latest venture for the label sees him collaborate with his good friend DJ Criminal on a track called '5000KW'.

The 'Original Mix' is an excellent hybrid of deep and funky progressive house, it's slap bassline and electronic guitar riff creating a formidable partnership. Haphazardly moving along, the bottom end drops out, allowing the key chords to rise through taking us right back into the thick of the bass-led funk.

Up and coming production outfit 'Ortzroka' from the city of London provide the remix, wheeling out the 303s for a deep, techy interpretation. Starting off slowly, the mix soon drops down, entering a cool techy niche that pays homage to the some of the best tech house to emerge from the motor city over in the US. If you've ever been a fan of some of the output from the now sadly defunct Shaboom or Blaktrax labels, you'll know what to expect.

Thrown in some excellent digital only versions, with Tom Collingwood providing a version for the breaks heads, and Andy Chatterley's Edison mix grabbing the original by the horns and turning it into a glitched out peak time monster, and without a doubt '5000KW' is the most "complete" release yet on Deeper Substance. For a label still very much in it's infancy, Demi and company have definitely caused more than just a little shock with this electric release.

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