Artist: Koala
Title: Imagine (Remixes)
Label: Cuba Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 28 June 2004
  • A1: U&K V+T Mix
  • A2: Dum Dum Da Dum Loop
  • A3: Dum Dum Dum Dum Loop
  • B1: R:Tem & Boyko Dub
  • B2: R:Tem & Boyko Mix

Koala "Imagine (Remixes)"

Out Now on Cuba Recordings

Hot on the heels of the storming original 12", comes this remix disc of Russian band Koala's debut track 'Imagine'. Messrs M and Lake are really spoiling us this time around as if the other mixes weren't enough, they have cooked up a five course special here, with U&K returning with another mix, whilst R:Tem & Boyko, also Ruskies as it happens are on hand with two unique mixes, not to mention all manner of DJ tools thrown in for good measure. This 12" is quite literally bursting at the seams.

U&K's 'V+T Mix' takes a different route to it's counterpart on disc one, as the Finnish duo turn in a respectable upbeat progressive jaunt to kick off this selection of mixes. Heavy on the synths and beats, but low on the bass, things build up slowly, symbols clashing as the break hits early on, with the rocky elements of the original coming into play during the latter half. Not quite as addictive as their 'One More Tequila Mix', but solid nevertheless, with two DJ tools, one featuring the original's electronic sounds and the other the killer bassline slipped on at the end of this side.

Russian boys 'R:Tem & Boyko' are on hand to finish things up, with their 'Dub Mix' grabbing the original by the balls and cranking up the intensity gauge somewhat considerably. One for the rockers, with the 'Mix' going for a more melodic approach with a synth fest during the breakdown, rocking out in it's own particular way, both mixes whilst nothing spectacular, add that extra something to the overall package.

A veritable copper pot of mixes and tools, with U&K once again flexing their muscles and coming through with the goods. For the more creative amongst you, this is the better of the two 12"s, but the overall release is of the usual Cuba quality. Respect!

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