Artist: Koala
Title: Imagine
Label: Cuba Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 28 May 2004
  • A1: Original Mix
  • A2: Punkt Vocal Mix
  • B1: U&K OneMoreTequila Mix
  • B2: Imagin-apella

Koala "Imagine"

Out Now on Cuba Recordings

Russian rockers Anatoly Vorontsov & Konstantin Lyubimov have been ripping up their home country with their live band Koala over the past year and half, and now look set to continue to do so on an even bigger stage as their new single 'Imagine' appears here on Cuba Recordings, and spring boarding them onto the world stage.

The 'Original Vocal Mix' takes full advantage of the spotlight as Koala serve up a thrashy electro punk crossover track that quite frankly fucking slams. Rocking out from the onset, big beats and an intense groove lead us into the thick of things. It's when the guitar hook creeps in that things get interesting as big keys and and chords highlight the intricate sounds within this superb track, but by this time you will be too busy rocking out to it's sheer brilliance to worry about the finer details. The 'Punkt Vocal Version' is cut from a similar cloth, but goes for a more alternative indie vibe in the early opening before descending into a fine journey through grunge and electronica, that is just overshadowed by the original.

'U&K' are on hand over on the flip with their 'One More Tequila Mix'. Stripping the original right back to it's very foundations, this is a house mix that places the focus on the bottom end, stating it's claim with a double header combination of heady beats and a hypnotic shapeshifting bassline that swaggers it's way through the centre of this class remix, with a bonus 'Imagine-apella' following on at the end for those who want to rock out in their own way.

Cuba have a reputation for sticking their neck out on a limb and offering up something left of centre on occasion, and this single is yet another example of that willing to be different. Koala fuse live instruments and sounds and house grooves together in a fresh and innovative fashion here, and it's so radical sounding that it will leave anyone who hears it wondering what it is. Hats off to Bobby M & Chris Lake for delivering the goods again, with more remixes yet to follow as well!

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