Artist: Kwirky
Title: Jesus Or The Devil
Label: Binary Records
By: Simon Jones | 26 June 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Freeloader Mix

Kwirky "Jesus Or The Devil"

Out Now on Binary Records

Following on from the well received 'Sweat' on Junior, Kwirky returns with the first of two new singles on Binary. 'Jesus Or The Devil' sees Kwirky embark down the more electro influenced route, and judging by the huge support the track has received so far, it's a direction that is paying off.

On the a-side comes the 'Original Mix', featuring the tight house grooves we've become familiar with on each release of the Binary label. Intricate drum patterns spike the groove, letting out shimmering spacey effects which encase the entire soundscape, lending an eerie edge to the tripped out "Jesus.. the devil" vocal. Bass stabs emit a sense of depth as the track flows along at a nice constant, rising slightly towards the end to ensure the floor stays packed..

'Freeloader', as usual, strip things down and take them deeper, dropping in some neat progressive edged rhythm, warm chords, and a massive electro bassline that sits below the main vocal hook, building towards the downtempo break, before picking back up where it left off, as neat electronic sounds fade things out at the end.

One of the best releases to come on Binary for some time. Let's hope they can continue in the same form with forthcoming releases.

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