Artist: Lonestar
Title: New Kicks
Label: Maris Music
By: Jason Calvert | 21 August 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Remix

Lonestar "New Kicks"

Out Now on Maris Music

Every now and again, a track comes along which reminds you of why you became interested in the progressive scene in the first place. New Kicks is one of those tracks. Derek Howell is someone I have always had massive respect for in the industry, and when teamed up with Joshua Michael to form the Lonestar outfit, the results are simply stunning.

New Kicks first caused waves last year when it was dropped by John Digweed. Many including myself were aching for it to be released, and finally now it has appeared, complete with a new interpretation of it. The Original Mix takes a very dark route, and for those who are new to the progressive scene, this is a perfect example of the pulsing rhythms which were much more common in the scene before the millennium. Because progressive has taken on a much different form now, this track evokes a certain nostalgia which I am certain is why it has been such a favourite of many over the last year. The bassline is tough, the percussion knows exactly where it is going, and the melody does not need to smack us in the face to make itself known. It subty builds upon itself and works its way around the listeners head in a way that is hard to describe without experiencing it. A definite late night killer to tear up any club.

The remix takes on quite a new form, and gives the Original a very interesting twist. Many effects from it have been twisted up and recycled to give this remix an intense atmosphere. The melody makes an almost ethereal appearance. A massive breakdown taking on a breakbeat time signature keeps interest levels high, and its raw power is sure to send energy levels in any situation to an all time high. An excellent interpretation, and a truly great companion to an already massive track.

Along with the previous Rouzbeh Delavari release, this marks an amazing start for the Maris Music imprint. The Lonestar outfit have showcased some amazing talent here, and we can only expect high quality from them in the future. Maris Music have some tight releases lined up, and they are definitely worth keeping an eye out for.

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