Artist: MV
Title: Come Back To Me
Label: Joystick Music
By: Simon Jones | 8 September 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Vagua Mix

MV "Come Back To Me"

Out Now on Joystick Music

It's been quite a while since we've seen a single from Martin Villeneuve, with only a number of remixes of artists like Jase From Outta Space and Starkid, and several on his own Tao Recordings label to keep our thirst quenched, but there are many who still love his work on Yoshitoshi and Addictive and have been waiting for some new original material for sometime. The debut release on this new Greek label Joystick Music brings MV's latest production 'Come Back To Me' to us, so the wait it seems, is now over.

The 'Original Mix' is, as you might expect, another big room outing from this fine Canadian producer. Thick beats and shuffling rhythms carry the track through it's paces, and paving the way for the thunderous bassline that soon creeps into the spotlight, and this is where the deeper ideas start to take over. A smooth late night ambience floating behind the slamming sounds and effects that drive through the very fabric of the groove pounding relentlessly, as MV once again delivers the goods.

The remix from 'Vagua' takes a more driving progressive edge, and compliments MV's original nicely, but aside from some big hooks that are used to create a more driving vibe and sweeping effects, this is nothing more than a more upbeat version of the original and doesn't really push the envelope as much as it could. but overall is not a bad mix by any means.

MV fans will be glad to see him back in the habit, and whilst this isn't the great start Joystick Music may have been hoping for, it's a good foundation to build on and develop over the coming months.

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