Artist: Macroscopia
Title: A Safer Place
Label: Method Records
By: Simon Jones | 11 August 2003
  • A: Majority Mix
  • B: Minority Mix

Macroscopia "A Safer Place"

Out Now on Method Records

Long time Baroque followers may remember a track by Neil Himmons called 'Play' which was released back in 2000. Well after falling under the radar since, he now returns to the family, collaborating with friend and co-producer Ben Ackerman on this new single for Method. 'A Safer Place' fuses elements of many styles, with support coming from djs right across the board. The proof is in the pudding as they say...

Twisted percussion leads into the 'Majority Mix', but soon take a different direction, as a good old electronic bassline rises to the forefront of the track, lending much to the deep pulsating sounds that keep the groove locked down. An odd and quirky vocal ensures this mix will stand out in a set, whilst techno style kicks keep things changing up in a subtle yet effective manner.

On the 'Minority Mix' the tempo of the track is stripped right back, a rumbling guitar-esque hook fusing as one with the rolling bass. Drifting along, quirky melodies shuffle through the percussion, with the occasional vocal sample trickling out of the track's many crevices. The structure of the mix may seem odd on first listen, but it has potential, and will fit in a breaks set if you switch it to 45rpm!

Something a little different from Method, sailing off from the melodic edged tangent of recent times, bringing a groovy little bugger of a 12" to the shelves for your listening pleasure.

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