Artist: Marco Bellini & Val Weller
Title: Romantic / Dead Generation
Label: Plastica Red
By: Chloe Harris | 29 November 2004
  • A: Romantic
  • B: Dead Generation

Marco Bellini & Val Weller "Romantic / Dead Generation"

Out Now on Plastica Red

Marco Bellini and Val Weller team up for two new tracks on Plastica Red. Having caused a bit of a fuss with their first release 'Dirty', which found it's way onto various compilations, as well as the hearts of music lovers and the press alike. 'Romantic' and 'Dead Generation' sees them move into a similar direction with their tribal dirty house, but gets a bit edgier with harder techy sounds.

'Romantic' has a looped vocal and a hard lead synth that powers the tune. A funky sassy groove sets in, while the beats travel through dips and drops. A sweet vocal sample comes in with chiming synths, and a good build starts up and then the beats pop back in. Ravey stabs cut into the drums and become the main focus of the tune, bringing in a peak and then slowly fading away.

A mental vocal starts out 'Dead Generation', and a good set of mechanical drums build behind it. Bouncy hits join a funky bouncy groove. A sassy disco element fits in there, and the chiming tones ring in. The ravey stabs have been lifted from this tune, but it’s pretty much the same as 'Romantic' all the way through.

Both tracks seem to lack something original and diverse as both are very similar, one more for the peak time, and one for a housier night, and I feel they could have changed things up a bit more considering how they have performed in the past, leaving this release as something somewhat disappointing in comparison.

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