Artist: Marco Bellini
Title: The Nitro Of Love / Demon Rising
Label: Plastica Red
By: Simon Jones | 18 April 2003
  • A: The Nitro Of Love
  • B: Demon Rising

Marco Bellini "The Nitro Of Love / Demon Rising"

Out Now on Plastica Red

The last time Marco Bellini appeared on Plastica Red, he spawned the superb 'Dirty' which went on to receive masses of critical acclaim, as well as ending up on several compilation albums. Not bad for a debut release really. Well now some months later Marco is back, with a new single and some new tracks ready to pick up where 'Dirty' left off..

'The Nitro Of Love' starts off slowly, soon introducing a big rolling bassline and some wild percussion that starts to expand as electro elements wash over the groove. Before you know it a big synth drives in as the vocal spurts forth 'wanna try me', and without giving you chance to think about it, a large electro synth cuts through the groove, snarling as it grows, before dropping out to nothing. This is shortlived as another layer of sound is introduced and after a drop the synth returns once more, ready to rock your world again all the way to the end. Massive!

The b-side track, 'Demon Rising' is not quite so evil, but drives along at a fair old pace, Rattling percussion and drops in all the right places maintains a low melody that runs through the track, an eerie vocal weaving it's way below and above the deep becoming more dominant as the intensity of the track increases in order to compete, eventually subsiding to a slow fade out at the end to bring things to a state of calm.

Another huge single from Marco Bellini which deserves to find it's way into many dj boxes without delay..

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